How to maintain a tablet computer in daily life after being used for a long time


People cannot live without their phones outside, and when they return home, they cannot lack their tablets. In fact, tablets are upgraded versions of phones, and everything else can be the same except for not being able to make phone calls. Many people only know how to use tablets but do not know how to maintain them. Below, I will tell you how to maintain tablets in daily life.

1、 How to maintain the LCD screen with scratches

When playing games and watching videos, if there are scratches on the screen, the mood will be very unhappy. The resolution of the screen has reached 1280x800, and even small scratches can be seen, so it needs to be well maintained. Usually, metal objects such as tablets and keys are not placed together, which is easy to scratch; Chemical products also have corrosive effects, and they are also kept away. To clean, it's okay to wipe it on weekdays or use a computer cleaner. If there are slight scratches, you can also gently wipe it with toothpaste to reduce the scratches.

2、 How to maintain batteries that are not durable over time

When not using the tablet, turn off the power and remove external devices to extend battery life. At the same time, avoid using the tablet at high or low temperatures. Generally, 10 to 25 degrees Celsius is the most suitable working environment, as high or low temperatures can shorten battery life. It is recommended to perform battery power calibration every three months to ensure stable and healthy battery status.

3、 How to maintain the dirty body

When dust accumulates, a small brush can be used to clean the gaps, or a high-pressure jet tank commonly used for cleaning camera lenses can be used to blow out the dust, or a handheld vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust from the gaps.

Try to use it in a stable condition and avoid operating in areas prone to shaking. To clean the surface, apply a small amount of cleaning agent to a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface of the machine (excluding the screen) while the machine is turned off.

Kind reminder: Do not place the tablet on the sofa or quilt, as it may affect heat dissipation and cause the tablet to automatically shut down and restart. In severe cases, it may burn out the internal motherboard and prevent normal use.