What conveniences can tablets bring to creators?


The technology and core meet, and the advantage of using our tablet is that it is very lightweight and easy to carry no matter where you go. It is worth mentioning that the chips used in our tablet support 5G network communication, and the card can be inserted into the tablet, allowing creators to enjoy the convenience of the network at any time when they go out, and combining nature with network inspiration to maximize their creativity. The anytime, anywhere network support enables fragmented and fragmented time, allowing for easy and free creation.

In traditional creations in the past, the author only drew lines and sketches because coloring was a very laborious and troublesome task. Using our tablet for coloring is a new attempt for him. Drawing on a smart tablet is easier than using a pen and paper. In the past, the parts that needed to be wiped on a large scale could be completed by adding graphics on the tablet, and the drawing board and paint were under control. Especially in our tablets, the screen ratio is as high as 84% K ultra clear full screen and 100% sRGB. With the help of screen display, the color presentation is more natural and the creative process is more enjoyable.

For authors, creating with a mouse can be a very troublesome task, but using Magic pencil, you can easily draw the lines you want, such as the smooth and silky ribbons of Chang'e. Because this handwriting pen has a pressure level of 4096, it is very sensitive to changes in pressure. Between the movement of the hand and the pressure control between the fingers, a line of varying thickness immediately appears with the movement of the pen tip. Compared with a mouse, direct touch makes painting more direct and convenient. The stylus has been designed with reasonable dimensions for the human hand, and the material has been finely processed, providing a very comfortable touch.

It has become a habit for creators to transform elements seen and heard in daily life into inspiration sources in illustrations. Whenever inspiration is fleeting, it should be immediately recorded in a notebook. However, inspiration came and in many cases, there was no time to open the computer for detailed descriptions. Whether using voice or our own notepad, our tablet provides various forms of quick memory inspiration, eliminating the need to worry about losing inspiration.

Shenzhen TPS Technology Industry Co., Ltd (SZ TPS CO.,LTD) was established in 2008. Til 2013 we manufacture Android, Windows, Rugged,and Detachable Tablets, and servicing overseas & domestic markets. During those years our annual sales has gradually increase to 2 million US Dollars. In 2014, we started manufacturing Laptop PC and within a year, the sales volume has annually reached to 15 million US Dollars. Along with market’s expanding, we have created two subsidiaries, Bestdasin & SZTPS, promoting the sales volume to 50 million US Dollars in a year. Now, we keep developing high-tech products, in order to be your best partner in the newest 5G Telecom and 3D era.

We live by the philosophy "There is nothing more important than our customers." Our goal is to help you do your job better, spend less time doing it and become your favorite touchscreen supplier by delivering on our promises. We measure our success based on your satisfaction. We want you to be an TPS customer for life.

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