The market prospect of educational tablet computer industry is very good


At present, tablet computers on the market can be divided into the following categories according to the differences of their application angles: first, tablet computers with entertainment positioning represented by iPad, which collect entertainment functions such as video, games, music and reading; The unique orientation of Gaobu and tablet education is to combine the advantages of Gaobu and tablet education, and highlight the teaching characteristics of Gaobu and tablet education; Third, the business tablet computer is mainly positioned in the business office market segment. Combined with the enterprise operation and management training content, it provides business users with higher office efficiency and learning function.

Among them, the educational tablet is an intelligent terminal device for K12 educational users, which is mainly used for educational purposes. Generally, it will be equipped with educational and teaching resources developed by the manufacturer or a third party, including text, pictures, videos, etc., to improve the interaction between teachers and students and enhance the enthusiasm of independent students. At the same time, compared with ordinary tablets, educational tablets do not allow students to install software or play games at will, And parents' backstage control is more strict, which helps to improve the learning effect.

In online education applications, educational tablets based on tablets have significant advantages over smartphones and PCs. On the one hand, compared with smart phones, tablet computers have larger screens, richer content and stronger interaction; Compared with PC, tablet PC is lighter, easier to be accepted by the majority of school-age groups in K12 field, and the price has a certain comparative advantage. At present, with the accelerated popularization and penetration of online education, educational tablet computer, as one of the important learning tools for the majority of students, has a good market prospect.

Educational tablet computer is an important segment of tablet computer. In recent years, socio-economic development and the change of online education and learning methods have effectively stimulated the market demand for educational tablets, and the industry as a whole has maintained a high growth rate. Covid-19, which broke out in early 2020, is still spreading all over the world, which has had a certain impact on offline training and education, pushed online education to the fast lane of development, and then promoted the market demand for educational tablets. It is estimated that the market scale of educational tablets in 2019 will be about 14.448 billion yuan. With the expansion of the group of students in K12 stage and the continuous improvement of market purchase rate and product price level, it is estimated that the market scale of educational tablets in China will be about 64.436 billion yuan in 2024