It's an e-book reader and an intelligent eye protection tablet


Due to the focus of tablet computers on eye care and ultra long battery life, e-book tablet readers have always been the first choice for deep reading enthusiasts for immersive reading.

The TPS reading tablet adopts an extremely narrow border design, and the device is very small and exquisite. It is much lighter and more convenient to hold than carrying a paper book in your hand.

Compared to other brands of e-books, the difference between the TPS reading tablet is that it not only uses the most advanced Qualcomm 8-core 2.0GHz processor in current ink screen products, but also upgrades its memory to a combination of 2G+32G, supporting up to 512G TF card OTG expansion. The performance improvement brought about by luxurious configurations is also evident, and the TPS reading tablet is undoubtedly the king of performance for readers of the same price range at present!

On the operating system, the TPS Reading tablet runs the latest Android 9.0 open system and can freely download various apps to use. After testing, WeChat Reading, Kindle, Palm Reading, Today's Headlines, Zhihu, and some comic software have all been able to run smoothly on e-books. The exclusive "Application Optimization, Application Freeze, and Application Cloud Configuration" features launched by the TPS Reading tablet also greatly optimize the use of various apps on ink screens, ensuring a better user experience.

As a product specifically designed for reading, the reading effect is undoubtedly paramount. A good electronic paper book needs to have a clear display, avoid eye damage, and smoothly refresh the page. The clarity of the TPS reading tablet can reach the retinal level, without flashing or blue light, and can be clearly displayed in the sun. At the same time, it also has four refresh modes: regular refresh, fast refresh, fast refresh, and X refresh, allowing users to switch according to different usage scenarios. In addition to being used for regular reading and using apps, the TPS reading tablet can also be used to watch videos.