The Application of Tablet Customization in the Transportation and Travel Manufacturing Industry


With the continuous development of the era, the demand for high-tech intelligent systems is also increasing. The application of tablet customization in cultural education, restaurants, and medical equipment industries has gained widespread attention, and the application fields have further deepened. It has demonstrated its strength in several manufacturing industries such as cultural education, restaurants, and medical treatment.

The mobility in the work of traffic police teams has become increasingly prominent, with staff responsible for ensuring orderly, safe, and unobstructed road traffic. They are unable to use specialized tools for information management such as electronic computers in office spaces to solve frontline business processes. Frontline personnel often need to query a lot of information in real time, but at present, communication methods are single, making it difficult to properly handle sudden, emergency, or labor-intensive business processes. In addition, frontline business processes are more complex, and the repeated work of multiple stages, batches, and addresses poses risks of neglect and inaccuracy.

Tablet customization will promote intelligent transportation, enabling real-time inquiry of vehicle license plate information content, damage assessment, violation penalties, and searching for basic information and credentials anytime and anywhere. In 2013, the number of tablets used in the transportation and travel industry in China reached 227800; By 2016, the operating scale of tablets in the transportation and travel industry will reach 553600 units.

If the final solution content can be immediately archived into the enterprise system software, it will reduce everyone's workload and further improve work efficiency. The mobile transportation solution utilizes tablet terminal devices to extend the system software at work to frontline workers.

The traffic police team uses tablets to connect to the remote big data center system software network server, completing various functions such as business process resolution, information retrieval, communication and communication.

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